Still a baby…My fist time in a cinema…

by Cláudia Gonçalves

The week was long and boring. Hard work but feeling unproductive. I needed something to cheer up me and my week. Ok, lets hang out at Hyde Park the entire afternoon with my friend Anh, and then go to a cinema with Aiofe. That was the plan. Well, the plan turned out much better than this… By God´s hands the three of us just managed to be together and did everything together.

People may think it is weird, having a post written in English, but I was thinking in writing in Portuguese and it didn´t make any sense. I can not explain why probably because I spent the all day speaking in English. I still tried to write the post in Portuguese but it didn´t feel right so I just didn´t push it and I am going with the flow, because that is what makes sense…And do not worry, for those, my beloved friends that can´t read I will put a translated version in the end…

Let just say it was a very interesting day…Almost perfect…After a wonderful and deserved night sleep I just enjoyed my bed until half nine, got up and went jogging in Hampstead Heath. My favorite park in London. I came back, went for some groceries and made a very healthy lunch because I had this terrible week when it cames to food. And then, all of a suden, I realised I could join my two friends and do the same programme instead of separate things. And it worked out wonderfull.

I have never been to Hyde Park, it was going to be the perfect place to be in such a sunny day… :) And it turned out that Aiofe hasn´t either so…Perfect…We got there and there were a bunch of famous singers (which I have never heard of) and it was really nice. We walk around Hyde Park which is one of the most amazing things you can do but the problem is, it is not a very wise thing because Hyde Park is the biggest park in London…Well…Let´s hope I can walk tomorrow…:)

And after wondering around, talking, looking at squirrels and ducks and swans and all kind of birds we went to Leicester to eat something really cheap and then watch a movie.

That is the hardest part actually. See a movie in London is so expensive, that probably my fist time was my last time. The next time somebody will have to pay for it…Thirteen pounds!!! I know that we did not choose the wisest place to go…For heaven sake is Leicester Square…The centre of the world around here so not a good move…But…It was my first time since I am living in London…It had to be a good thing…:)

Then something really bad happened…I just couldn’t resist and went to Ben and Jerries…Screw my diet…:( Ok but I do not want to talk about this part…

The movie was absolutely amazing, it worked out better than expected… Women…We were in the mood for a girlie movie…This came out much better than that…Much more than a cheesy love story it was about friendship and life…I was pretty happy. Still am, actually.

Women is a very good movie…More smart than you firstly believe. It is about a man who betrays his wife and her recovery…Too common??? Yeah…But watch it and it is possible to see the difference.

Bottom line is What do you want to do?? That is the mainstream …What do YOU want to do?? Can you afford to be selfish without hurting others? How self-interested you have to be to start being happy?? Where is the border line??

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